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Last updated: August 17, 2022

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There is no standardised or commonly adopted definition of any description of floor area in the market for non-residential properties in Hong Kong.  Interested parties should rely on their own inspection, measurement and verification and should satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of the information contained herein or provided by us in other situation, which are provided for reference only. Our Company has not taken any step to verify whether the information reflects the actual status of the property. No warranty for accuracy is given or implied by the owners or the Company.
If the property has a cockloft, mezzanine floor or any structure that does not reveal in the relevant occupation permit, the Company shall not be under any obligation to verify the legality of such structure which may lead to the risk include but not limited to the Government’s exercising its right of re-entry, safety problems or closure and bank’s refusal to finance the purchase.


Description, measurements, dimension, usage, areas, scale and data of the property set forth herein or provided in other situations are for general guidance only, such information is not warranted or guaranteed to be complete or correct. Interested parties should seek independent legal and/or professional advice regarding the information provided by our company (includes but not limited to the floor area, usage).


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